Welcome to Today’s Catch

Today’s Catch, Fresh News from Kodiak’s Waterfront is your connection to what’s happening in Kodiak and around the entire local fishing industry. I would like to start out the newest feature of the Island Seafoods Website, by introducing myself. My name is Ian Whiddon. I was born and raised here in Kodiak. My wife Rachel and I share a house with our 9 month old daughter Eydis and 2 dogs just a few minutes from bustling St. Paul Harbor. Before I worked with Island Seafoods full time 8 years ago, I was a crew member on a local salmon seiner. In the spring, I participated in the Herring Fishery around Kodiak Island and Togiak in Western Bristol Bay. After the summer Salmon Fishery, I would come back and work at Island Seafoods in the winter processing Alaskan Cod.

Since we are right here on the edge of the harbor, Island Seafoods has it’s finger on the pulse of the Fleet. Last Year, Island Seafoods purchased the 71 foot trawler F/V Coho, skippered by Captain James McCarthy (see featured fishermen). The F/V Coho has given us the ability to directly source much of the product featured on this website. Alaskan Cod, Sole, Rock fish, Pollock, and Black Cod are all delivered during various fisheries by this vessel. Because the company owns the boat, we have precise control over every aspect of the product being delivered. Quality starts with the Boat!!

Right now Island Seafoods is in full production. Our focus right now is Pollock and Alaskan Pacific Cod. Both James on the F/V Coho and his brother Peter on the F/V Stella are targeting pollock using mid-water trawl nets. This net is shaped like a big cone and is dragged through water funneling the fish into the back of the net known as the “cod end”.

Another fishery in full swing is the State Water Jig fishery. State water means inside of 3 miles from shore. The Jig Fishery is designed as a small boat fishery, most under 50 feet. Most vessels carry a crew of only 1 or 2. Some hardy captains, like Tim Tripp on the F/V Bottom Line and Gary Salter of the F/V Silver Bullet go it solo. The Cod are harvested using jigging machines. They are basically mechanized fishing poles with a set of 5 or 6 hooks baited with squid, that “jigs” off the bottom. The fishermen use the depth sounder to locate schools of fish on the bottom, and set their gear. The quality from these small boats is unsurpassed. Each fish is hand bled and iced individually for transport back to Island Seafoods. The result, is the freshest Cod fillet money can buy.

Keep an eye out for weekly specials as each fishery opens and unfolds. I plan on updating this on a regular basis to keep you fresh and informed.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to Contact Us or call toll free, 888-355-8575 if you want to talk fish.