Wednesday May 20th

With the Kodiak Salmon Season just 3 weeks away, Island Seafoods’ fishermen are starting to trickle back into town. Paul Vick and his 2 man crew arrived yesterday and got right to work on one of his many skiffs. Everyone is dusting off gear that has sat idle since late September, making repairs on RSW systems (refrigerated salt water) and making sure outboard motors are in tip top shape. Our fishermen are keeping the local boom truck company busy hauling gear from the storage yard out in Bells Flats. There is plenty of activity at the dock and everyone is busy either offloading boats or packing halibut for fresh shipments, so I ran out to the yard and just got back with a huge generator for Jonathan and Virginia at Valley Point.

This morning, we had the F/V Pacific Sun back at our dock with an impressive load of Halibut, Black Cod and Rock Fish. Once the fish are cleaned and graded by size, the case up crew places the halibut into 1000 pound totes with ice. This fish will ship out today and be at market places around the country in just a few days.

Early this morning at Island Seafoods dock

The slime line

Case up crew loading fiber totes

Fiber totes of halibut are staged for the truck

As soon as the Pacific Sun was finished offloading her catch, we had Captain Pete Thompson and the F/V Dues Payer II with a full load of halibut. At only 32 feet, the Dues Payer II was just able to squeeze around the bow of the 127 foot Pacific Sun and tie up under the main dock crane. Halibut from the Dues Payer II will be accompanying fish from the Pacific Sun on the trip south to market. Below, Captain Pete checks out a few nice halibut before they are loaded onto the cleaning table.

Big boat little boat

The deck of the Dues Payer II

Capt. Pete Thompson with his catch

The action never stops at the Island Seafoods dock this time of the year. During the Dues Payer offload, Captain Peter McCarthy pulls up on the south side of the dock to change out some pieces of trawl gear. Down on deck, Peter’s oldest son Calvin secures the stern line. Calvin graduated from Kodiak High school last week and now plans on fishing for Dad full time. Peter says it will be strange to have his crew come home with him each night for dinner. But it sure beats having to comb the local bars looking for his crew!!

Calvin McCarthy responds to Capt. Peter while securing the line

One of the best parts of working at Island Seafoods is my wife Rachel is able to bring our daughter Eydis down to the plant to say hi. I had a few minutes in between customers, phone calls and emails to show her some of the bright red rock fish from the Pacific Sun. I love her learning face, it is so intense. I am training her so when she is old enough she can help out Dad with the fish business!!

Little Seafood Lover

Tomorrow the 51st annual Kodiak Crab Festival kicks off. Hopefully the weather will hold out and good times will be had by all. Until next time, Enjoy!