Sportfish Processing

Sportfish ProcessingIsland Seafoods makes getting your catch home with you simple by offering full service custom processing for our customers, whether you fish the road system or explore Kodiak waters by boat. If you fish with a charter boat, your catch will offloaded right at our dock while we meet and greet you. Our professional crew will fillet, vacuum-pack, and freeze your fish with individual attention to preserve its quality, ensuring that it remains as fresh and flavorful in your freezer as the day you caught it for months to come. We use a state-of-the-art tracking program to ensure you take home the same fish you delivered, because every bite just tastes better when you know it was caught by you! Whether you’re flying home with your fish or shipping it by FedEx overnight delivery, we can bundle your catch up in sturdy insulated boxes that will get it home with you in great shape, nice and chilly. Fish smoking is also available through local partnerships.

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Island Seafoods from Chris Whiddon on Vimeo.