Dungeness Crab Sections

From South East, Bristol Bay, the Bering Sea, the Western Aleutians and right here in Kodiak Alaska, we source our crab from all over the great state of Alaska; it's the freshest available. Our Alaska crab varieties include: Red King, Golden King, Bairdi, Snow and Dungeness Crab, Island Seafoods has it all. Our crab is fully cooked, and frozen.

Red King Crab from the M/V Wizard

Our Bristol Bay Red King Crab is sourced from the M/V Wizard, the famous fishing vessel featured on Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch. Get it now, straight to your doorstep.

  • Dungeness Crab Sections

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    Fresh Alaskan Dungeness Crab from the source in Kodiak, Alaska

    The smallest and stoutest of Alaskan crab species, Dungeness are feisty, little, and famous for their sweet bold taste and firm texture. Harvested along the Alaskan coastline, Wild Alaska Dungeness are a local favorite. 

    Clusters of legs weighing ½ to 1 pound each.



    Additional Information

    Fully cooked and frozen sections are ready to just heat and serve. Equally delicious prepared as crab cakes or in dips, bisques, and salads.

    FedEx Shipping

    Frozen Seafood: Orders for frozen seafood will ship frozen in an insulated box with gel ice packs, overnight from Kodiak using FedEx “Standard Overnight” delivery. Your order should arrive frozen, but partial thawing is possible and natural. Simply place in the freezer. 

    Delivery: Orders must be placed Thursday before 5 p.m. for Saturday delivery. Saturday deliveries are an additional $35. For Hawaii add $35.