Pacific Sun

As the 2009 Comfish enters its final day and starts to wind down, the Gala Seafood dinner is still the talk of the town, but down at Island Seafoods, it is business as usual. Friday night many of the jiggers came and grabbed bait and ice and headed out to the fishing grounds. With a fair forecast ahead, the fleet is looking to repeat last weeks’ stellar deliveries. The high line delivery of the week came to us from Captain Tim Tripp on the F/V Bottom Line. Capt Tim fishes alone; he is the captain and crew. In 3 days worth of fishing time, he managed to fill his stout 32 foot boat with 16,020 pounds of grey cod. This is the most fish he has ever put under the hatch. It is a good thing the weather was nice, because as you can see, he came in a little heavy in the stern. We’ll see if this next trip can produce similar results. Good luck and safe fishing to all our Jig Fleet.

Captain Tim Tripp entering Near Island Channel

The F/V Bottom Line stern heavy

Look, I think i can fit a few more in here!

At 12:30 today, we had the F/V Pacific Sun at our dock with a load of Halibut. The Pacific Sun, skippered by Captain Jeff Hochstein, is the largest boat to deliver fish to Island Seafoods. At 124 feet, the Pacific Sun is too big to fit under our main dock crane. We have the Pacific Sun tie up to the face of the dock and we use her massive knuckle crane to lift brailers of halibut from the hold. When the F/V Pacific Sun is not plying the Gulf of Alaska for Halibut, she is hard at work in the Bering Sea fishing both Red King Crab and Opilio Crab. In the summer months, the Pacific Sun tenders salmon in the fast and furious Bristol Bay Sockeye Fishery. After that, the boat heads out west and fishes for Pacific Grey Cod near Dutch Harbor and even farther west towards Adak.

F/V Pacific Sun approaches the dock

 F/V Pacific Sun offloading Halibut

A view from the dock next door

A view of the massive deck on the Pacific Sun

I will be featuring fresh halibut this week direct from the beautiful F/V Pacific Sun. Also, check back mid week for fresh cod from Captain Tim off the F/V Bottom Line.

Until Next time, Enjoy!