Kodiak Golden King Crab

Island Seafoods is proud to announce the arrival of Golden King Crab from the Kodiak based fishing vessel Atlantico.  This crab was harvested just 3 weeks ago and was delivered, cooked and frozen right here in Kodiak.  Mike Woodley, Captain of the Atlantico harvests this elusive crab in deep ocean trenches along the southern end of Kodiak Island. The Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game dictates that vessels can only fish 75 pots and have to fish in depths of no less than 110 fathoms, that’s over 660 feet deep! The Atlantico is the only boat that participates in this super exclusive fishery. Atlantico 2Atlantico 1




Also known as Brown King Crab, the majority of the Golden king crab is harvested in the far western Aleutian Islands using  long line pot gear. 

Compared to Bristol Bay Red King Crab, The Golden Kings have smaller, spinier legs and the meat is slightly sweeter and a little less dense. Once cooked, the crab have bright golden-orange legs that give it their name.  If you have never tried Golden King crab it is truly a gourmet crab experience.

Gold Crab 1Gold Crab 2Gold-King-Crab