Hauling Gear

Well our run of beautiful Kodiak sunshine came to an abrupt end just in time for the 51st annual Kodiak Crab Festival. The brave citizens of Kodiak didn’t let torrential down pours and gale force winds deter them from having a grand old time at the festival. My wife Rachel and I took Eydis down to the festival and treated her to her first bites of funnel cakes, Bruin Burgers and some amazing fried cod from the Alaskan Leader booth. We could hear her giggles of delight from inside her fogged up rain dome covering her stroller. Not surprising at all, moments after the last Crab Fest booth had been broken down, the clouds parted and the sun shined again. That’s Kodiak weather for you!

With less than 2 weeks before the start of the Kodiak Salmon season, skippers and crew are working around the clock to get everything in order before they head out to their Set Net Sites. Our largest tender, the F/V Zachary R spent the last 2 weeks in the dry dock, where Captain Kevin Bundy and his crewman Ben Galdo applied a fresh coat of thick black paint and replaced all of the zincs. The zincs are fastened to various areas of the bottom of boats to help prevent corrosion. The salt water will attack the zincs before the steel hull. These are called sacrificial zincs.

F/V Zachary R in the sling

Stern view of the Zachary R

Back at Island Seafoods, the yard and the upstairs box loft are filled with pallets of groceries, home supplies, pressure washers, out board motors, nets, buoys, drums of gasoline and four wheelers.


Outboard Motors

Ross Kendall from the Site, Outlet Cape returned to town after spending the winter at his home in the Seattle area. When asked how his winter was, he replied simply, “Cold!” He must be referring to the record snowfall in the Pacific Northwest this winter!! Ross and his crew palletized and shrink wrapped all of their gear and are almost ready to head out to their site. They just need the skiff in the water and they will be ready to go.

Ross Kendall tells the crew what he wants

Ross and one of his skiffs

Other salmon fishermen have also arrived. John Cratty and his crew put the finishing touches on new buoys and are ready for the tender Fairwind to haul their gear to their site, Easy Living in Onion Bay.

John Cratty

John Cratty & Crew

Brian and Athena Large from the Kupreanof Strait site, Livin’ Large stopped in to check on the tender freight schedule. Their holding skiff is up at the welding shop getting some repairs to the picking boom. Brian and Athena are anxious to get out to their site and start picking fish!

Brian and Athena Larg

Meanwhile on the south side of the dock, Captain Kevin and Ben are taking on freight for a few of the sites. They are carefully arranging the pallets to maximize every square inch of deck space.

Zachary R almost fully loaded

Kevin shouts up from below, “We have almost enough materials to build an entire house! All we need is a sink!” Well I went into the parking lot and found one!

Keith Moore's sink

With every inch of his deck covered in goods and materials, Kevin gave Ben the nod to throw the lines. They will head out through the Near Island Channel, round Spruce Cape and head towards the West Side of Kodiak Island. Once all the materials are delivered to the various sites, they will turn around and do it all over again until all the sites have everything they need and are ready to fish.

Zachary R heading out Near Island Channel

I will be back tomorrow with a special addition to Today’s Catch, the First Sockeye of the Year!!! Until Next time, Enjoy!