Happy 4th of July

It has been more than two weeks since my last addition to Today’s Catch and a lot has happened in that time. With the summer Sport fish season starting to kick into high gear, I am having trouble finding time to sit down and update the site. I guess it’s good to be busy. Returning customers might notice that I recently changed shopping carts for the web site. The new cart should prove to be easier to use. The Island Seafoods web site is a work in progress and I learn something new every day.

The west side of Kodiak Island will open back up to commercial salmon fishing at noon on July 6th. All of our fishermen are anxious to get their nets in the water and back to picking fish. I am planning a trip out with our tender Zachary R in the following weeks to get a first hand glimpse into the daily life for some of our fishing families.

With all of the salmon closures around the Island, the St. Paul boat harbor has stayed active with skippers and crew going through their salmon seines and making repairs to their boats. Across Near Island Channel over in Dog Bay, it is a different story. All of the big, 100 plus foot Bering Sea boats that dominate the harbor are gone. Most are off in Bristol Bay tendering sockeye salmon, while others might be under contract to haul salmon for buyers in Prince William Sound or South East Alaska, while others might be fishing for halibut. The only boats that remain are the Bristol Leader and the Bering Leader. Both of these vessels will most likely sit idle until the next Bering Sea cod season.

Dog Bay near capacity

Almost empty

Both Bob Martin and Greg Perkins left town this past week after delivering their last loads of Pacific Grey Cod. Both skippers finished out the season with record numbers. “This year, the fishing was probably the best I have ever seen,” remarked Capt. Bob. The guys are currently up in Kenai, converting their boats from Jiggers to Gill Netters, in preparation for the Kenai Salmon drift net fishery. Bob and Greg are planning on coming back and hitting the cod grounds again in September for the start of the Federal B season which opens on the 1st. Good luck to you guys up in the Inlet, be safe and I’ll see you this fall.

Capt. Bob Martin & Capt. Greg Perkins

Normally in the summer, the mountains around Kodiak Island turn a deep green from the lush grasses and small scrubby alder trees; this summer, the Emerald Isle is getting a bit Greener. On top of the 1000 foot tall Pillar Mountain, sit 3 new wind turbines. These massive, 80 meter tall wind mills can power over 900 homes a day and should make Kodiak Island completely free from diesel powered electricity. I have a clear view of the northern most turbine from my kitchen table. What an amazing sight.

Island Seafoods has had the pleasure of processing sport caught fish from some of the crew working on the wind project. Fondly dubbed the Wind Team, this group of guys from Casper Wyoming has been out with the M/V U Rascal several times, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful Kodiak weather, while limiting out on Halibut, rockfish, cod and King Salmon.

Kodiak Wind Project

Kodiak from Dead Man's Curve

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Until Next time, Enjoy!