F/V Stella

Captain Peter McCarthy, owner of the Fishing Vessel Stella recently returned to Kodiak after completing a four month shipyard project. Peter brought the Stella down to Everett Washington in April to the Hansen Boat Co for this this massive project. Captain Peter had the yard add almost 4 feet to each side of the 58 foot long Stella, bringing her beam out to almost 33 feet wide. By widening the boat, this will add stability in the harsh and unpredictable Gulf of Alaska seas and provide a greater fish hold capicty. The Stella should be able to pack over 250,000 pounds of fish in her 2 fish holds now.
Since her return to Kodiak, Capt. Peter has put the Stella hard to work. Capt. Peter just finished up a pollock season and is now targeting his quota of Pacific Ocean Perch.
Here are before and after shots of the F/V Stella.

POP June 5th 001

New Stella 012New Stella 005The Stella is at our dock this morning with her first load of Pacific Ocean Perch.  POP are small red rockfish that mass together in large schools over rock pinnacles far offshore, often more than 50 miles. Here is a shot from yesterday morning provided by Capt.Peter. This is a picture of the cod end, the part of the net that collects all of the fish.

POP Sausage

  Stella POP September 2013 009

 Stella POP September 2013 003