F/V Major Offload

It has been a very busy day here at Island Seafoods. We had the Coho come in late last night and the Stella in this morning. The night crew took care of offloading the Coho, so early this morning the day shift could get started cutting right away. While the crew is processing the sole from the Coho, the dock crew was busy with the Stella and his 120,000 pounds of Arrowtooth Flounder. We can cut this almost as fast as we can get it off of Captain Peter’s boat. Once the Stella had finished the offload, it was time for the F/V Major.

F/V Coho, F/V Stela and the F/V Major

With Snow coming in sideways, the dock crew started in on the first Black Cod delivery of the season. First out of the fish hold came the beautiful red rock fish.

F/V Major at the dock

Rock Fish in the brailer

Dock Foreman Chamba with a nice rock fish

Huge Rock fish

After the rock fish was offloaded, the crew carefully places each black cod into the brailer. Ceasar pauses for the camera with a nice big Black Cod.

Ceasar in the Major fish hold

Black Cod ready to be cut

Ready for the freezer

With the last brailer of halubut off the boat, Santiago climbs the ladder to help out.

Last brailer of halibut

Twenty minutes after the last halibut is off the boat, Fresh Halibut is ready for dinner!!

Fresh Halibut right off the F/V Major

I will be sending out fresh Halibut, Black Cod and Rockfish from Today’s Catch on Monday the 13th. Call or Email me to reserve yours.

Check back tomorrow, I will be interviewing Captain Bob and Captain Perky about their recent Cod trip and the Massive Deliveries. They must have found that school they were talking about!

Until next time, Enjoy!