From the Boat to the Table

Yesterday the F/V Coho came in with another load of pollock. Along with the pollock, Captain James McCarthy had a good amount of Fresh Rex Sole. Rex sole are slender fish with bright white, long fillets, perfect for my favorite dish, Sole Rolls. I thought it would be a neat idea to share the process, “From the Boat to the Table.” In this entry I will share the journey of a Rex Sole from the fishing vessel all the way to a dinner plate ready to eat.

I will start with the Offload. Here our dock crew removes the fish from the vessel using a wet vacuum pump. The fish is moved using conveyor belts to a sorting conveyor.

The Offload

Next, the crew will sort the fish by species. In this picture, the guys are sorting pollock, Pacific Cod, and sole species.

Sorting pollock

When the fish is all sorted, the various species are then graded out by size. Here Pedro is helping his crew size grade the Rex sole just offloaded.

Grading the Rex sole

I then hand selected 50 pounds of the best quality Rex sole to be filleted for the Online Store. I only picked out 50 pounds to ensure the fish is fresh for my customers. Here, Abel is carefully filleting the Rex Sole by hand. Because the fillet is so thin, it takes precision movements of the knife.


Now the tasty part. Here is the clean Rex Sole fillets ready for the stuffing mixture. I used Kodiak Snow Crab, white onion, garlic and shredded mozzarella cheese.

The clean Rex Sole fillets ready for the stuffing mixture

The next step is to fold or roll the fillet around the crab mixture. Fold the fillet and pin it together with a few toothpicks. Place the rolled sole on a baking dish covered with foil and a little olive oil.

Rex Sole rolled ready to bake

Bake the rolls at 425 for about 20 minutes. I used a bed of couscous and fresh broccoli for a side.

The finished product - Rex Sole Roll

And here it is the finished product. From the Boat to the Table, fresh Alaskan Rex Sole for dinner. If you want to try this recipe out and have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.