First Halibut of the Year

The F/V Northern Jaeger delivered the First Halibut of the year for Island Seafoods this morning and to mark this special occasion, I decided to make this the topic of Today’s Catch.

The F/V Northern Jaeger preparing to offload Halibut

Island Seafoods will be the first company to bring fresh Halibut to the Market from Kodiak Island. This Fresh halibut will be shipped to Anchorage today and by tomorrow will be featured on Dinner Menus and super market display cases. Fresh Halibut from the F/V Northern Jaeger will also be available in the Online Store.

Captain Ron Thompson describes the first halibut trip of 2009

Captain Ron Thompson of the F/V Northern Jaeger was one of only a handful of Kodiak long liners to head out for the Season Opener. He headed south toward Area 3B to start out his season. Once he got near the fishing grounds, the storm that battered the fleet had arrived with full fury. With winds gusting 40 to 50 knots, Captain Ron turned the Northern Jaeger into Alitak Bay and anchored up. There they sat and waited for the storm to pass. Captain Ron described the wind as confused and coming from every direction. He said that they would anchor up on the west side of the bay and a few hours later the wind would whip around the other direction and he and the crew would have to pull the anchor and run to the other side of the bay. When they finally got a break in the weather, he headed out and set his gear in front of the tiny village of Akhiok. When the weather came back up he ducked back into Alitak Bay and tied up to the Ocean Beauty Plant in Alitak. As soon as he had a window, he hauled his gear and headed north for Kodiak. Now that he is back in town, he plans to take a few days off and relax before he heads back out to continue to catch his quota of Alaskan Halibut. Look for more action from the Captain Ron and the F/V Northern Jaeger in the coming month. Until next time, Enjoy!!

 First net full of 2009 Halibut

The deck of the F/V Northern Jaeger

Tubs of Hooks Ground line anchors

Pedro with the first Halibut of 2009

Cleaned and ready to go in the box