Direct from the Source

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Kodiak 33 degrees with no wind to speak of. It kind of reminds me of spring. Yesterday was pretty busy here at Island Seafoods. To start out the morning, we offloaded the F/V Stella. Captain Peter McCarthy came in with just under 110,000 pounds of Arrowtooth flounder. Arrowtooth flounder is the largest biomass of any fish in the Gulf of Alaska. These fish live up to their name. They have big eyes and sharp snaggly teeth that stick out from their mouth. All of this fish will be shipped overseas. We simply cut the heads off and remove the guts. Then they are graded by size and frozen in 40 pound blocks in our plate freezers. Then they are loaded into a 40 foot freezer van and loaded onto the big container ship.

After we finished up with the Stella, we started offloading the F/V Coho. Captain James McCarthy came in with nearly a full load on this trip. He is targeting Pollock. he ended up with just under 100,000 pounds of the tasty white fleshed fish along with a few thousand pounds of various sole species. We process the pollock much the same way as the arrowtooth. One big difference is theat the female pollock are carrying roe. The roe sacks are carefully removed and frozen on a racks. Pollock Roe is considered a delicacy in many Asian countries.

The best part about the Coho offload was that I got to help out a customer with a somewhat unusual request. He has some friends that were interested in Fresh Octopus. I told him I would see what I could do. Well a few hours later, I went out to see how the offload was going and my dock foreman had pulled 2 nice octopus off to the side. Direct from the Source. So if you have a strange request, lets say, skate wings, or pollock roe, drop me a line and I will try my best to meet your needs.