Break in the Weather 4-6-09

The Kodiak Fishing Fleet finally got a break from the weather this weekend and headed out to sea. Fair winds and calm seas were forecasted for the next few days, a welcome change after nearly a week of ferocious winter storm systems. By Monday morning St Paul Harbor, right next to Island Seafoods, was nearly empty.

St. Paul Harbor from the Ice House Dock this morning

The Cod Jigging fleet headed out on Saturday, hoping to put a dent in the nearly 3.6 million pounds of quota left. I spoke with Greg Perkins of the F/V Grouper and Bob Martin of the F/V Argonaut at the ice dock as they took a few tons of ice before they headed out to sea. Captain Greg or Perky as everyone calls him and Captain Bob travel together to the fishing grounds for safety, to share fishing info and strategy, and just plain old good company. They have a pretty good idea where the big schools of cod are hiding and they are confident if they find them they will each return with their fish holds loaded. They were on the fish last week, but storms forced them to retreat to sheltered waters where the fishing wasn’t as hot. Like all good fishermen though, they kept the location of the giant schools under their hats. Look for Fresh Cod from Capt. Bob and Capt. Perky later this week.

Capt. Bob and Capt. Perky at the ice dock

F/V Silver Knight, F/V Argonaut, and the F/V Grouper

The F/V Coho and the F/V Stella also took advantage of the favorable fishing conditions and headed to sea this weekend. Brothers, Capt. Peter and Capt. James McCarthy are targeting Rock Sole, Flathead Sole and Butter Sole. Our processing crew will be filleting much of this fresh sole for our company Pacific Seafood. We will freeze the fillets and ship them south to Oregon, where they will be distributed to restaurants and seafood retailers across the country. I was so pleased with the quality from the last load of Sole from the McCarthy Brothers that I will be offering fresh frozen Rock Sole fillets in the online store from their next delivery. If you have never tried Fresh Rock Sole, you have no idea what you are missing. There is nothing else like in in all the oceans of the World!

F/V Coho and F/V Stella at Island Seafoods

The F/V Major, skippered by Captain Alexus Kwachka departed yesterday afternoon for their first combo, Black Cod and Halibut trip of 2009. Capt. Alexis is expecting to be back in Kodiak to offload his catch Thursday or Friday. Island Seafoods is proud to be featuring both Fresh Halibut and Fresh Black Cod from the F/V Major, Online. This Fresh fish will ship out on Monday the 13th. Along with the Halibut and Black Cod, Captain Alexus usually brings in big, beautiful red rockfish, typically Yelloweye or Rougheye Rockfish. I will also be offering fresh, never frozen, fillets of this delicious white fleshed fish.

F/V Major in the harbor Saturday Afternoon

Augustine in the fish hold of the F/V Major last season with a nice rockfish.

I will be posting updates later in the week as the fresh deliveries get closer. There is a lot of action on the Kodiak waterfront right now, so the next few weeks will prove to be exciting. As always, feel free to give me a call to find out what we are processing fresh that day at Island Seafoods. It would be my honor to box some up and ship it out for you and your family to enjoy for dinner.

Until next time, Enjoy!