Black Cod Monday

Last week was pretty quiet around Island Seafoods. We had a few small jig cod deliveries in between Killer Whale sightings. The Kodiak Killers have moved on since the action last week. Much of the longline fleet took advantage of the relatively good forecast and headed out in search of Black Cod. On Sunday morning, we had the F/V Heritage at the dock with a nice load of big black cod. Captain Brian Young was up against pods of hungry Killer Whales this trip who made hauling the gear a real chore. The Whales can sense when the boat engages the hydraulic winches and it sounds to them like a big dinner bell. They will follow the long line as it comes up from the bottom and pick the fresh black cod off like they are eating grapes.

The F/V Heritage

The F/V Heritage at Island Seafoods

Monday morning we had the F/V Southern Seas at the dock with a full boat load of Black Cod. This was the first trip for the 66 foot long Southern Seas, with a newly extended bow. The weather was pretty foul this trip and the addition to the bow helped out a bunch. The crew didn’t have any great stories of killer whale troubles, just a good fishing trip with lots and lots of big black cod.

The F/V Southern Seas at Island Seafoods

Santiago directs the brailer into the fish hold of the Southern Seas

A full brailer off the F/V Southern Seas

This delivery was a special one for me, two of the crew members aboard the Southern Seas, Nick Troxell and Justin Thummel, are good friends of mine from Kodiak High School. Nick lives here in Kodiak with his wife Alexandra and 3 kids. Nick ran the Southern Seas this winter during the Federal Cod Season and had a pretty impressive season ending catch total for his first time running the boat. Justin lives in San Diego when he is not at sea. During the winter Bering Sea cod fishery, Justin is the Deck Boss on the 124 foot Bering Leader. This boat is a state of the art catcher processor vessel, which means the Pacific Cod are caught, headed, cleaned and frozen right on the boat at sea. The crew of the Southern Seas is planning on heading right back out after the fish ticket is singed. It was great to have the chance to hang out with these guys today. It is always a treat to have good friends delivering fish here at Island Seafoods.

Nick Troxell and Justin Thummel

Inside the plant, the processing crew cleans and size grades the black cod. The crew lays the clean black cod out onto racks that are then loaded into one of the blast freezers. After they are frozen solid, the cod are ice glazed and packed into 50 pound boxes, ready for export to Japan.

Augustine moves a full rack into position

Black cod racked up and ready for the freezer

I held back several nice black cod today from the Southern Seas and the fish will be available for sale online. Give me a call or email me and I will send some out fresh. I still haven’t pinned Captain Bob and Captain Perky down. Fishing must be hot!!! But next time they are in town, I will sit down and find out how fishing has been. Until next time, Enjoy!