Birthday Salmon

Yesterday my daughter Eydis celebrated her first birthday. My wife and I decided to not make a big to do about the occasion. Instead, we had a nice family dinner and she got to see all of her grandparents. For her special day, I made her favorite dinner, Sockeye Salmon and steamed broccoli. She absolutely loves the salmon. It wasn’t a challenge to get her to enjoy seafood, out of all the types she has tried, salmon is her favorite.

baked sockeye with lemon pepper

It is a really good feeling knowing that I can provide her with the purest, cleanest, most healthy food for her little developing brain. The Omega-3 fatty oils in Kodiak Sockeye will help her grow strong and smart.

Sockeye and Broccoli

Mmmmmmm good

Of course, she did have a cup cake for dessert. She ate all her salmon and vegetables first though!!!

First Cup Cake

If you want to try some Kodiak Sockeye Salmon for your family, give me a call or email me and I would be glad to offer cooking advice or support to get your family started eating the best food in the ocean.

Until Next Time, Enjoy!