Island Seafoods Shipping Included

Specials with Shipping Included 2016 CATCH!! 10 pound Bristol Bay Red King Crab Box-$419.95 - Shipping Included!   Qty:   5 pound Bristol Bay King Crab -$235.95 - Shipping Included!   Qty:   10 Pound Golden King Crab-$389.95 - Shipping Included!   Qty:   10 pound Bering Sea Snow Crab-$225.95- Shipping Included!   Qty: … Read More


Alaska Seafood Delivered Direct From Kodiak, Alaska Check out our new video! View it larger at Vimeo! We are Kodiak, Alaska's premier seafood market, custom processing facility, and online seafood store! Our online Alaska seafood store features the freshest Alaskan crab, cod, halibut, rockfish, salmon and more! What sets us apart from other online seafood sites? We are located … Read More

Pacific Sun

As the 2009 Comfish enters its final day and starts to wind down, the Gala Seafood dinner is still the talk of the town, but down at Island Seafoods, it is business as usual. Friday night many of the jiggers came and grabbed bait and ice and headed out to the fishing grounds. With a fair forecast ahead, the fleet is looking to repeat last weeks’ stellar deliveries. The high line delivery of the … Read More

An Evening with the Governor

Every year since 1980, Kodiak plays host to Comfish, the largest and longest running commercial fisheries trade show in Alaska and the only one to be held in a major fishing port. The trade show features vendors from all over the world who specialize in equipment and technology designed for the fishing industry. Comfish has also expanded its focus beyond fisheries products and innovations to … Read More

Black Cod Monday

Last week was pretty quiet around Island Seafoods. We had a few small jig cod deliveries in between Killer Whale sightings. The Kodiak Killers have moved on since the action last week. Much of the longline fleet took advantage of the relatively good forecast and headed out in search of Black Cod. On Sunday morning, we had the F/V Heritage at the dock with a nice load of big black cod. Captain … Read More

The Kodiak Killers

Every April around the start of the Kodiak Sac Roe Herring fishery, a pod of Orcas makes their annual appearance in and around Kodiak Harbor. These whales has been dubbed "The Kodiak Killers". The pod consists of one large male named Bently due to his huge curved dorsal fin, 2 females and a few babies. This pod of Killer Whales is a transient pod. They travel around in search of their favorite … Read More

F/V Major Offload

It has been a very busy day here at Island Seafoods. We had the Coho come in late last night and the Stella in this morning. The night crew took care of offloading the Coho, so early this morning the day shift could get started cutting right away. While the crew is processing the sole from the Coho, the dock crew was busy with the Stella and his 120,000 pounds of Arrowtooth Flounder. We can cut … Read More

Break in the Weather 4-6-09

The Kodiak Fishing Fleet finally got a break from the weather this weekend and headed out to sea. Fair winds and calm seas were forecasted for the next few days, a welcome change after nearly a week of ferocious winter storm systems. By Monday morning St Paul Harbor, right next to Island Seafoods, was nearly empty. The Cod Jigging fleet headed out on Saturday, hoping to put a dent in … Read More

First Halibut of the Year

The F/V Northern Jaeger delivered the First Halibut of the year for Island Seafoods this morning and to mark this special occasion, I decided to make this the topic of Today's Catch. Island Seafoods will be the first company to bring fresh Halibut to the Market from Kodiak Island. This Fresh halibut will be shipped to Anchorage today and by tomorrow will be featured on Dinner Menus and … Read More

Volcanos and Blizzards, Oh My!

Well Old Man Winter and Mother Nature have conspired to make this week one of the wildest in recent memory. There is a television show on the History Channel called “Tougher in Alaska”. Well they aren’t kidding, it is tough. I am pleased to announce though, that the weather here in Kodiak today consists of bright blue sky and lots of sunshine, far from the arctic beating we took earlier this week. … Read More