Sockeye Fingers

To help generate excitement for the upcoming salmon season, I will be adding a Sockeye recipe and a “how to” entry into Today’s Catch. For this entry, I will be showing you how to make the perfect appetizer for your next party; Sockeye Fingers. This super simple recipe will have your guests smacking their lips and licking their fingers. Prep work and clean up will be easy and you don’t have to … Read More

Salmon Countdown 1

Spring is officially here in Kodiak. We are gaining 5 minutes of daylight each day, building up to the Summer Solstice. The whole town is starting to buzz with a renewed sense of vigor. For us here at Island Seafoods, this is the time of the year when our salmon fishermen return to make preparations for another long summer at their fish sites. This summer we have 17 sites fishing for us. A … Read More

Birthday Salmon

Yesterday my daughter Eydis celebrated her first birthday. My wife and I decided to not make a big to do about the occasion. Instead, we had a nice family dinner and she got to see all of her grandparents. For her special day, I made her favorite dinner, Sockeye Salmon and steamed broccoli. She absolutely loves the salmon. It wasn't a challenge to get her to enjoy seafood, out of all the types … Read More

F/V Argonaut

Early Wednesday morning under the cover of thick fog, Captain Bob Martin sliced his way through the mirror pond waters of St. Paul Harbor and eased the 39 foot F/V Argonaut in under the dock crane. Under his 9 fish hold covers rested the results of another phenomenal fishing trip. As his crewman Eddie throws lines around the barnacle covered pilings to secure the vessel, Captain Bob leaned out of … Read More

Blackened Alaskan Rock Fish

Yesterday morning started out with fog so thick I could barely see the end of the dock. I wasn’t sure if the FedEx plane would make it in, but by noon it had burned off and Monday turned out to be one of the nicest days of the year. After work, I took the dogs for a walk on our favorite trail, the Near Island South End. The South End Trail meanders through a lush forest of Sitka spruce and thick … Read More