2016 Kodiak Salmon Season

The 2016 Kodiak Salmon season is underway. Island Seafoods has been taking deliveries of Fresh Sockeye Salmon for a few weeks now and we have plenty of freshly frozen inventory waiting to be shipped to your front door. Along with the Sockeye salmon, the fishermen are bringing in some real nice big beautiful King Salmon. Interested in FRESH never frozen salmon, give us a call and we can get a box … Read More

2015 Kodiak Salmon Season

The 2015 Kodiak Salmon Season is officially open! It has been a slow start for the Island Seafoods Salmon fleet, but fresh 2015 Sockeye is now available. More to come as the fishery progresses through the summer. … Read More

2014 Bristol Bay Red King Crab

We just received our first load of Bristol Bay Red King Crab from the 2014 season that opened October 15th. This first load comes to us from the Kodiak based F/V Atlantico. Fishing was fast paced and the numbers in the pots were good according to Skipper Mike Woodley. We are expecting more deliveries in the next week or two and there will be video and pictures to go with it. In the mean time, we … Read More

2014 Kodiak Coho Salmon

The 2014 Kodiak Salmon season is starting to wind down, the days are getting shorter and there is a chill in the evening air. Late August and the end of the salmon season is marked by the return of the Coho Salmon, also called Silver Salmon. Island Seafoods has been running Fresh Coho through the plant this week and we now have our frozen inventory put up for the long winter ahead. Here are some … Read More

2014 Halibut Season

The 2014 Alaska Halibut Season officially opened on March 7th. The initial effort has been fairly limited here in Kodiak and throughout the state. As of today, March 11th, Island Seafoods has not landed any Halibut. This year, the longline fleet that would usually be out targeting halibut are still participating in the Federal Pacific Cod "A" season. The Pacific Cod quota for the "A" season is … Read More

F/V Stella

Captain Peter McCarthy, owner of the Fishing Vessel Stella recently returned to Kodiak after completing a four month shipyard project. Peter brought the Stella down to Everett Washington in April to the Hansen Boat Co for this this massive project. Captain Peter had the yard add almost 4 feet to each side of the 58 foot long Stella, bringing her beam out to almost 33 feet wide. By widening the … Read More

Kodiak Golden King Crab

Island Seafoods is proud to announce the arrival of Golden King Crab from the Kodiak based fishing vessel Atlantico.  This crab was harvested just 3 weeks ago and was delivered, cooked and frozen right here in Kodiak.  Mike Woodley, Captain of the Atlantico harvests this elusive crab in deep ocean trenches along the southern end of Kodiak Island. The Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game dictates that … Read More

F/V Seabrooke

Earlier this week outside of the local True Value hardware store, I ran into Scott Campbell Jr, captain of the Kodiak based fishing vessel Seabrooke. Both Scott and I grew up and went to high school here in Kodiak. He graduated just a few years ahead of me. We talked about current dock prices for everything from halibut to Pacific cod. While the Discovery Channel crab show has made Scott famous, … Read More

F/V Melanie Halibut

The 2013 Halibut season is in full swing and Island Seafoods has been receiving regular deliveries since the opener in mid-March. This morning we were proud to have the F/V Melanie back at our dock with a load of Halibut. Captain Tary Middlesworth delivered this load from area 3B.  Known as the "Boneyard" by local fishermen, 3B can be a very difficult area to fish. Area 3B starts on the south … Read More

2013 Bering Sea Snow Crab

The F/V Nuka Island returned to Kodiak this weekend with their final load of Opilio Tanner Crab for the 2013 season. Captain Norm Lenon and his crew were able to stay away from the ice filled waters that plagued the fleet last year, fishing their quota in just 45 days.  Fishing up by the Pribilof Islands, the Nuka Island made the 988 mile journey back to Kodiak.    Bering Sea … Read More