Action Packed Week

This past week the weather here in Kodiak has been absolutely beautiful; low 60’s and plenty of sunshine and blue sky. With this run of flawless weather, the Kodiak Fishing Fleet has been hitting the grounds hard and keeping this little processing plant at full production. Over the last week, we have had dozens of deliveries from boats of every shape, size and harvest method.

 F/V Coho, F/V Topaz and F/V Adgee

The Kodiak Cod Jig fleet has been producing big numbers each trip. Almost 600,000 pounds were landed last week alone! At this rate, they will have the quota filled in about a month, however fishing usually tapers off when salmon season starts, many of the jiggers participate in salmon fisheries here and other places around the state. The jiggers who stay, will keep plugging away at the quota, making deliveries throughout the summer. Finding fish close to town has been the key to successful trips. Both Captain Bob Martin on the Argonaut and Captain Peter Allen on the F/V Orion made 3 deliveries each this week alone. Other boats who delivered this week include the Adgee, Bottom Line, Isanotski, Grayling, Fairwind, Grouper, Spectrum, Michelle B, Topaz and the Jericho. As long as the weather holds, these hard working fishermen will continue making regular deliveries of fresh Pacific Cod.

Deep Water sole fishing is still open and our two trawlers, the Coho and Stella also made deliveries over the weekend. We shipped fresh rock sole fillets to our company, Pacific Seafood, for distribution to super markets throughout the west coast. Another processor here in town was shut down for the day, so we had a vessel making its first appearance at the Island Seafoods dock. The 100 foot F/V Mar Pacifico delivered a load of nice big rock sole on Saturday.

F/V Mar Pacifico offloading Sole

Island Seafoods makes the best use of our small processing facility. We have the ablity to process multiple species in the same room. Here we are running rock sole through the Carnitech heading machine, while just feet away, the crew cleans and grades halibut from the F/V Lady Lu.

Halibut and Sole productions side by side

The Halibut fleet has also taken advantage of this stretch of favorable fishing weather. Landings have been steady both here in Kodiak and at our plant to the north, Resurrection Bay Seafood in Seward. On Friday, we had the 124 foot F/V Pacific Sun back at our dock with some halibut and rock fish. The Pacific Sun had to cut their trip short and only made a small delivery due to some mechanical problems. The crew got everything fixed up and they are currently back on the grounds hauling gear.

F/V Pacific Sun

Also making Halibut deliveries at Island Seafoods, was the F/V Competition, the F/V Northern Jaeger, the F/V Dues Payer II, the F/V Lady Lu and the F/V Buccaneer. Here is a collection of photos from various halibut offloads this week. The first is Aitolu with a 180 pounder off of the F/V Competition.

Aitolu with a Baby Halibut

Here, Abel moves halibut into position so Saul can cut off the heads.

Overhead view of the halibut header

Gelma cleans the inside of the halibut while Pedro checks the tail for chalk.

Pedro and Gelma

The halibut are then graded according to size. Here Abel steadies a 45 pounder on the scale.

Size grading Halibut

Back outside in the thick fog, Aitolu is ready to weigh a tote of over-80 pound halibut from the F/V Buccaneer.

Big fish in the fog

Yesterday we experienced the thickest fog I have seen in years. In this photo, a full brailer net of halibut is lifted through the fog from the hold of the F/V Buccaneer and into a waiting tote. It was difficult to see the top of his mast and rigging!

F/V Buccaneer

As if it wasn’t busy enough, we had the 800 foot Volendam in port. A thousand visitors walking up and down bustling Cannery Row made navigating the narrow street quite tricky. A few lucky passengers had the opportunity to watch the crew processing halibut from the F/V Buccaneer.

The highlight of the week was the installation of our new sign over the retail store. We have one identical to this one for the ocean side of the building. Now visitors to Kodiak won’t have any trouble finding Island Seafoods!

It's a Sign!

Because we cut heads on halibut this week for the first time this season, I now have Halibut Cheeks for sale!! Sweet taste and delightful texture are the signature characteristics of Fresh Halibut Cheeks. Available Now!

Fresh Halibut Cheeks

Every day we are recieving items, gear, out board motors and equipment for our salmon fishermen. I will keep you posted about the exciting activity leading up to Salmon Season 2009.

Until Next Time, Enjoy!