About Us

Island SeafoodsWelcome to Island Seafoods, Kodiak’s premier seafood market and custom processing facility, located on the waterfront next to Kodiak’s boat harbor. The company started in 1995 as a small custom processing business serving Kodiak’s charter fishing fleet, and has grown today to supply seafood to customers and companies all over the world!

In 2003, Island Seafoods was acquired by the Pacific Seafood Group, a family owned, vertically operated seafood company that is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. As a result of our relationship with Pacific Seafoods, we have grown every year and now process both sport fish from the charter fleet as well as millions of pounds of cod, halibut, rockfish, and salmon for the commercial market.

Island SeafoodsQuality and customer service was the foundation of our business at our inception and remain the core principles of our business today. Island Seafoods’ focus on quality, freshness, traceability and support of sustainable fisheries has allowed us to achieve the highly sought Marine Stewardship Council certification. Each year we undergo a thorough third party audit to ensure we meet stringent MSC standards.

We have developed a quality based program with all of our charter fleet to help them deliver a quality product to the dock. This includes bleeding and icing their catch and then delivering the fish whole to our dock for processing under sanitary conditions. Our processors hand fillet the fish which is then vacuum packed and frozen. Proper handling will ensure that your product will retain its quality, freshness, and flavor until you are ready to prepare the fish.

Island SeafoodsThere are plenty of websites that sell seafood… What sets us apart is our location on the waterfront in Kodiak where we unload the fresh fish directly from our own fleet, and then process the fish in our modern processing plant! Through our close relationships with our fishermen, we are able to control the timing of the deliveries and enhance and preserve the quality of the fish from the ocean to your table.

Whether we are serving a large commercial fishing vessel or a small charter boat, our focus is always on customer service and quality. We are committed to Pacific Seafoods “Diamond Philosophy” of Excellence:

Consistently doing your best, and always striving to do better

“Consistently doing your best, and always striving to do better.”

We love to talk fish! Call any time and one of our team will be glad to discuss Kodiak, sport fishing, commercial fish, or just about anything else to do with fish! Also, we’re currently gearing up for our summer season and are looking for motivated, enthusiastic individuals looking to experience a summer in beautiful Kodiak to help with our Sportfish program. If you’d be interested in meeting fishermen from around the world and getting to know Kodiak’s fisheries first hand, we’d love to hear from you!