2014 Halibut Season

The 2014 Alaska Halibut Season officially opened on March 7th. The initial effort has been fairly limited here in Kodiak and throughout the state. As of today, March 11th, Island Seafoods has not landed any Halibut. This year, the longline fleet that would usually be out targeting halibut are still participating in the Federal Pacific Cod “A” season. The Pacific Cod quota for the “A” season is divided into sector splits. For the longline fleet, the quota is divided up for vessels under 50 feet and for vessels over 50 feet. The Under 50 foot quota has been reached and this portion of the fishery closed today at noon. There is still 400 metric tons of Pacific Cod left for the over 50 foot vessels, roughly 900,000 pounds. With the current fishing effort this portion of the quota should be reached in about a week. Once the Federal “A” season is closed, Halibut landings in Kodiak should steadily increase. We are currently taking orders for fresh halibut and will let customers know as soon as the new product hits the dock and is ready to ship. In the mean time, we are producing FRESH Pacific Cod fillets every day, ready to ship out for a fish n chip feast!
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