2013 Pacific Cod “A” Season

January 15th 2013 010The 2013 Federal A season for Gulf of Alaska Pacific Cod opened up January 1st. Open to fixed gear types, pot, longline and jig, this cod fishery extends outside the 3 mile nautical line, into federal waters. The begining of the season started out pretty slow even though the weather was much milder than last January. The posted price from the local processors was lower than expected and many fishermen decided to sit tight in town and wait for the price to settle out. This picture shows many of the Russian longliners tied up in the harbor.

While some boats stayed tied up in the harbor, others prepaired for the opener. Here crew from  the F/V Stella load cod pots on the south side of the dock.January 7th 2013 003 January 7th 2013 006





Down on the south end of Kodiak Island, the crew of the F/V Clyde was setting gear right at the start. It is a 12 hour  run from the fishing grounds back to Island Seafoods, so the F/V Kendra H is under contract to tender cod back to the dock.  By unloading the harvested cod right to the Kendra H, the Clyde and the Stella can stay on the fish instead of losing a whole day of fishing time and wasted fuel by heading back to town. Here are some shots sent by Jason Klein of the Clyde. The Clyde is a longline vessel. They set out thousands of baited hooks connected to a single ground line that sits on the bottom of the ocean. The Clyde uses tub gear and each hook is baited with a chunk of squid by hand. Clyde 2013 07 Clyde 2013 05Lots of baiting!


 Clyde 2013 04 Clyde 2013 01





 As long as the fishing stays good, The Clyde plans on fishing through March right into the start of Halibut Season. We will be producing fresh Pacific Cod fillets each and every day until then, so if you would like to try some fresh cod harvested by the Clyde Guys, give us a call. 888-355-8575.