2013 Kodiak Tanner Crab

January 21st 2013 015January 16th marked the opening of the 2013 Kodiak Tanner Crab Fishery. A gale warning in the forcast delayed the opening for 24 hours, but the storm blew through and pots started hitting the water at noon Wednesday. Around 50 vessels are registered to participate in the small but lucrative fishery. With a smaller quota than last season, down to 660,000 pounds, competition will be strong. As if crab fishing in the Gulf of Alaska isn’t challenging enough, this season a new obstacle is being presented to the local fishermen. The battered Shell drilling rig Kulluk is temporarily anchored inside of Kiliuda Bay on the east side of Kodiak Island awaiting reports on the condition of her hull. Much of the fishing efforts are centered just outside of Kiliuda Bay and the surrounding area. The drill rig should not be in the way of the actual fishing activies but the increased number of large support vessels in the area could add some excitement to an already short and fast paced fishery.
The processor we are working with again this year is filling a large order for thier Japanese customer of “green” crab. Green crab is simply butchered, cleaned and frozen raw. Cooked Kodiak Tanner Crab should be available early next week. Call or email me to reserve your fresh cooked crab.