2010 Kodiak Tanner Crab

The 2010 Kodiak area tanner crab fishery closes this weekend. This year, 52 vessels ranging in size from 40 to 100 feet set their pots on the 15th hoping to catch part of the 700,000 pound quota. With an increase of 200,000 pounds, and a newly opened fishing area, participation was up by 20 vessels. The Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game opened Chiniak Bay this season. With good fishing grounds within a few hours from the safety of the harbor, smaller boats were able work their gear and compete for the crab side by side much larger vessels.

F/V Venturess crew making final preparations

F/V Moondance & F/V Chiniak ready of the opener

F/V Melanie loading pots

Before the season opened, the F/V Major, skippered by Capt. Alexus Kwachka, pulled up to the dock to load the last few pots of their 20 pot limit. He was heading down the east side of the Island toward the village of Old Harbor, as seen on this map. The East Side Section was allotted 500,000 pounds of the 700,000 total and the bulk of the fleet focused its effort in this area.

Kodiak Island

F/V Major pulling up to the dock

 Heading through St. Paul Harbor toward the fishing grounds

Earlier this week, the quota was reached and the East Side Area closed for the season. Fishermen had to pick up their pots and deliver their crab before they could start fishing in one of the other areas that were still open. Capt. Alexus returned with a good load of big, clean Tanner Crab. Here are some shots from his first delivery.

Major crew in the hold

Offload crew signals the tote is full

The deck of the F/V Major

Kodiak Tanner Crab

Kodiak Tanner Crab

After the offload was finished and the catch was tallied, Capt. Alexus headed back out and set his gear in the North East Section. He and the crew were able to turn the pots a few times before the 100,000 pound quota was cleaned up. Now that the 2010 season is closed and in the books, Island Seafoods is proud to feature this Kodiak Tanner crab direct from the Fishing Vessel Major. Order yours today and find out what fresh caught Kodiak Tanner crab is the best crab around.

Until Next Time, Enjoy!