Friday March 6th

Bright Eyes Means Fresh

Good morning from sunny Kodiak Alaska. The days are getting longer with a gain of about 5 minutes each day. Saturday we set the clocks ahead 1 hour!! Day light Savings. It is always a great feeling to go to work when it is light out and get home for the night when it is still light out. Spring is on its way. But this is Kodiak and Winter isn't going to go without a fight. Yesterday was flat calm … Read More

Direct from the Source


It is a beautiful sunny day here in Kodiak 33 degrees with no wind to speak of. It kind of reminds me of spring. Yesterday was pretty busy here at Island Seafoods. To start out the morning, we offloaded the F/V Stella. Captain Peter McCarthy came in with just under 110,000 pounds of Arrowtooth flounder. Arrowtooth flounder is the largest biomass of any fish in the Gulf of Alaska. These fish live … Read More

Welcome to Today’s Catch

Today's Catch, Fresh News from Kodiak's Waterfront is your connection to what's happening in Kodiak and around the entire local fishing industry. I would like to start out the newest feature of the Island Seafoods Website, by introducing myself. My name is Ian Whiddon. I was born and raised here in Kodiak. My wife Rachel and I share a house with our 9 month old daughter Eydis and 2 dogs just a few … Read More