F/V Cornelia Marie

In April of 2000, Island Seafoods had just moved into its current building located right next to the breakwater adjacent to St. Paul Harbor. Back then we processed sport caught fish from charter boat clients and river anglers. We had a few boats that delivered jig caught cod and every once in a while, we landed a small load of halibut. We sold crab, scallops and halibut from our small retail … Read More

Sockeye for Dinner

Yesterday afternoon as I was winding things down in the store for the evening, I received a call on my cell phone. The reception was a bit scratchy and broken up but I was able to make out that Dr. Mark Withrow and his 26 foot sport fishing vessel SeaJay would be at our dock in an hour with some fresh sockeye salmon. At the time of the call, Dr. Withrow was heading through Ouzinki Narrows at the … Read More

Hauling Gear

Well our run of beautiful Kodiak sunshine came to an abrupt end just in time for the 51st annual Kodiak Crab Festival. The brave citizens of Kodiak didn’t let torrential down pours and gale force winds deter them from having a grand old time at the festival. My wife Rachel and I took Eydis down to the festival and treated her to her first bites of funnel cakes, Bruin Burgers and some amazing fried … Read More

F/V Wahoo

This run of excellent fishing weather just seems like it will never end. The local Cod jig fleet has been taking full advantage of the favorable forecasts and as a result making steady deliveries of fresh cod. The McCarthy brothers each made deliveries yesterday and the night crew was busy cutting and freezing rock sole until the wee hours of the morning. The big offload of the day was a full … Read More

Wednesday May 20th

With the Kodiak Salmon Season just 3 weeks away, Island Seafoods’ fishermen are starting to trickle back into town. Paul Vick and his 2 man crew arrived yesterday and got right to work on one of his many skiffs. Everyone is dusting off gear that has sat idle since late September, making repairs on RSW systems (refrigerated salt water) and making sure outboard motors are in tip top shape. Our … Read More

Action Packed Week

This past week the weather here in Kodiak has been absolutely beautiful; low 60’s and plenty of sunshine and blue sky. With this run of flawless weather, the Kodiak Fishing Fleet has been hitting the grounds hard and keeping this little processing plant at full production. Over the last week, we have had dozens of deliveries from boats of every shape, size and harvest method. The Kodiak Cod … Read More

Sockeye Fingers

To help generate excitement for the upcoming salmon season, I will be adding a Sockeye recipe and a “how to” entry into Today’s Catch. For this entry, I will be showing you how to make the perfect appetizer for your next party; Sockeye Fingers. This super simple recipe will have your guests smacking their lips and licking their fingers. Prep work and clean up will be easy and you don’t have to … Read More

Salmon Countdown 1

Spring is officially here in Kodiak. We are gaining 5 minutes of daylight each day, building up to the Summer Solstice. The whole town is starting to buzz with a renewed sense of vigor. For us here at Island Seafoods, this is the time of the year when our salmon fishermen return to make preparations for another long summer at their fish sites. This summer we have 17 sites fishing for us. A … Read More

Birthday Salmon

Yesterday my daughter Eydis celebrated her first birthday. My wife and I decided to not make a big to do about the occasion. Instead, we had a nice family dinner and she got to see all of her grandparents. For her special day, I made her favorite dinner, Sockeye Salmon and steamed broccoli. She absolutely loves the salmon. It wasn't a challenge to get her to enjoy seafood, out of all the types … Read More

F/V Argonaut

Early Wednesday morning under the cover of thick fog, Captain Bob Martin sliced his way through the mirror pond waters of St. Paul Harbor and eased the 39 foot F/V Argonaut in under the dock crane. Under his 9 fish hold covers rested the results of another phenomenal fishing trip. As his crewman Eddie throws lines around the barnacle covered pilings to secure the vessel, Captain Bob leaned out of … Read More